“Dwelling is the manner in which mortals are on earth”

La Urs 

By:     Gio

A few days ago, I found a photo while looking through my files. We were in the middle of your room, both naked, you were holding an old guitar and I was sitting next to you. Your brown hair fell on your back and slightly crooked teeth peeked out of your beautiful smile, while my dark eyes did not take their gaze off you. I recall that after that photo, you ran to the other side of the room and brought that ugly straw hat that you wore when we went out for a walk, you put it on my hair, that you gently placed on top of my breasts. "It’s to make it look more natural" that’s what you said. We took another couple of photos and what happened next has become a remembrance.
Your house always felt like home for me, there was nothing to hide between us, we loved walking naked, smoking in the garden and dancing while we cooked dinner. Together your body and mine built a space which we could inhabit, dwell, because in the end, to dwell is to build (as Heidegger used to say, whom I know you hate for being a fascist). In the space we built there was no place for shame, modesty, or complexes.


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You were grateful every day because that body of yours allowed you to feel, walk, know, paint, dance, cook and, also, because it was thanks to it you were able to know pain, hangovers, and sadness.

The atmosphere that you and I built was the same that is felt when staring at those photos made by la Urs; “Retratos Pilosos”. Naked bodies, inhabiting and occupying this space, taking possession of it at every moment in natural and tender ways. In those pictures they show skin, blood, and hair; that which existsF in everyday life, that is present at all times, that dwells in our body at the same time that we inhabit the world. The images made by a stranger have helped me find myself, and I now think that existence should feel like this, comfortable and calm, that beauty is beyond all standards and phony poses, that the world is warm when the body is used in order to live, and dwell. 

 1. HEIDEGGER,M. “Building, Dwelling, Thinking”, 1951, Damsdart.

Artista: La urss  Ig: la_ursss

By: Gio

Translated by: Ernesto Ocaña


Edición #17

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