I deserve something better

artist: Pedro Trueba

Some people do not have to, nor will ever have- if they are lucky - to ride a commuter in their lives. For those who do not know what a commuter is, it is a sort of truck, a large van that is used to transport people in certain areas of Mexico City and nearby areas: they tend to mug people in them, and they are stupidly uncomfortable, they stink of petrol because they do not use gasoline, and the seating spaces are tiny because they are not designed for tall people since the majority of people in the city are upper-middle and upper class.


The poor are short so they could fit into those tiny seats, but ironically enough they don’t because they always carry backpacks of packages with them.

There are people who just as they will never have to rude a commuter will never have to buy food at the market nor walk the streets of their neighborhood out of necessity, but perhaps out of pleasure, and these people will never have to suffer from cold, or hunger, or from living under a tiny roof, or amid uncomfortable walls.

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We have gotten used to wanting and not wanting the lives of others. Our society is divided, and perhaps the city is the place where these two mix, even for a short time. 

Lamppost cables can be seen from many places in the city, million-dollar company buildings and outside, on the sidewalk, from a newsstand filled with everything except newspapers, a taco stand, etc., these tiny snapshots make it seem like we coexist in this society, but coexistence is not just saying hello to the lady that sells tamales, or looking suspiciously when the vieneviene comes around or car to help us park, nor looking at those who get out of the newest car model with admiration. 

Coexistence is no longer possible in a world that does not offer similar living and developing conditions, it is now just a moment of the day that people living in the city can avoid without a problem; but I repeat, it is no one’s fault. No one was asked to be born where they were. We just have to enjoy and try. Try as we are told to, keep climbing the mountain, because thinking that we can be equal has been a waste of time. 

 I do not want you to misunderstand, these people are not to blame, it is not that they do it out of malice, but because they were born under those circumstances and because this world has stopped caring about equal social conditions; it only cares about economic conditions, which simply means being able to work, but not with the same opportunities and getting on a commuter only corresponds to certain types of people, that’s all. No one is to blame for that, no one should even care, because everyone can be happy with what they’ve got.  

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Perhaps Pedro Trueba only paints snapshots of the tiny space we call “city”, but that city and its snapshots are just excuses of a space that we think of and that we see as the last link with socialism, that we sometimes think should exist, that some think it might be fairer. That perhaps wishing all the time to have more things and accumulate is not the only way to live. 


These detailed paintings of what we call “city” are only a minimal reminder of what lies beyond our usual conditions of daily life. Whether we deserve them or not is our decision, but we can continue to exploit them because it is what is expected of us in this world of freedom that throws us into conditions that we did not choose. Meritocracy.


By: Fernando Bravo G.



I wanna go, I wanna leave






I deserve something better