He blew himself with the Pikachu!

Dani Villalba

Dude, for real, WTF? When I see the “work of art” of this dude, I wonder what the fuck? Like, I don’t know if you get it, but… and I know that it is going to sound like I’m a reeaaal jerk, and I’m going to be tagged as a “Whitexican” or whatever, but seriously no way, for real, isn’t this dude like unbelievable?

I imagined the funcking Pikachu giving its all and, dude I laughed my ass off, but what really took me by surprise is that the fucking drawings are poor, but in reality cool, dude, the important thing is that they make an impact ¿right? Or what, ¿did I really go too far out with my comment?

Like, dude, ¿what the fuck is going on with this nut job that draws Pikachus fucking and everything?

Fucking artists they are really crazy, dude, for real. But, his drawings are fucking right, I can’t with the fat and ugly lady that negotiates with the vampire, dude, ¡he blew himself!