I Don’t Understand Anything

Alondra M

I’m in this city inside a country where I don’t understand anything, where letters do not even look like letters, I simply understand nothing. I just arrived yesterday, I had a reservation in a very sketchy hotel, but that does not cost a lot of money. I took a taxi from the bus station and arrived at the hotel. While the taxi drove, we crossed streets and parks, and buildings, all normal, just like any other city, and there were people walking, listening to music, fighting, playing, laughing, there were people doing all kinds of normal stuff. And behind them, like set design, there were posters, billboards,  scratches on the walls, traffic signs and there I realized that I don’t understand a thing, not a letter or a sign, nothing.

I felt lonely. There were lots of people, but I couldn't understand anything.

Mr. D3epb4y