Our hands

Antonia Ruanova

As people, we usually take the body for granted. We think that no matter what happens, our body will always be there with us and the moment it is no longer there, we will be dead. We don't think about whether one day we will lose a part of it, because “surely that's not going to happen to me”. We don't think about when it will stop working the same way, because “we have many years left to be old”. However, no one is wise, no one knows at what point things will change forever. Moreover, for many people, this happens when they don't expect it, and the moment something starts to go wrong with their body, or they lose a part of it, they get upset just because of that, for having taken it for granted. In fact, these people who experienced the unexpected, usually tell their close people, take care of it, take advantage of it, because you don't know when things will be different. Our body is our sanctuary, thanks to it, we can be part of this world, get to know the people we meet, live and experience life. 

Every part of our body, being in the state that it is, is magical, and we should never take that for granted. One of the parts that we use the most on a daily basis, for those who own them, are the hands. We use them to grab things, to feel them, and to do practically everything we have to do daily. For people who do not have them, those who do, cannot understand how they manage to do things every day and we are amazed at their ability to adapt to a world that is not adapted to them.