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Collaborators of lives

A book is to a writer what a CD is to a musician, a driver is to a car what a president is to a country, a writer is to a book what a painter to a painting, a pilot is to a plane what a machinist is to a train. I remember reading these analogies in some admission exam and being left with the thought of “How is a person so related to an object to the point of definition and differentiation?” Being followed by “ well, maybe this is not such a great moment to ask myself something like that in the middle of an exam that is against time”. However, that doubt it’s something that accompanies me even today because I  keep finding this great relationship of character in each one of the objects that I see everyday. 

Wanting to run away from stereotypes and accepted and determined social norms, these definitions and differentiations are the result of  person-object relationships that we create with our surroundings, through time or in the moment they finally end up as a reflection of who we are. Meaning, that in retrospective one associates a doctor with a stethoscope because it’s something essential in his profession, which defines a lot of his time, just like a baker with a cake since it is a reflection of his work and by what he is most recognized with, or in cases where you can not socially run away from social norms and we fall in pejoratives names, to a stoner marihuana is associated for being what he is seen with and socially enhances him, women with make-up by the patriarchal system that we well know shortens women to a symbol that impulse us to the support of another system (capitalist); the relationship person-object as any other relationship can have different nuances but, reasons for its existence exist.

Joaquin seems to run away from the same norms and stereotypes that we relate so abruptly to people, but maintains in his illustrations the relation of character that each object can lead to, playing with the ideas of the people that each one of the different objects can belong to. This element although it’s complicated, by putting in doubt the balance between an object and us, meaning, determining if actually today the object defines us or us to it, observing a crocodile in his plein peak at the shore of the river ready but not prepared to swim puts in doubt not only the essence of a being that it’s distinguished using floaties, but also the reason of why do we only perceive only possible the use of these on certain people; any other day on a pool, a 50 years old man that uses floaties will be seen as we see this crocodile: out of his instincts, out of his nature, out of his element by just and simply the use of a “out of common” object.

Each of these illustrations seem to detonate a lot of scenarios that we live with our objects: memories, jokes, stories, critics, parties, drunkenness, breakfasts, little moments, those that only oneself can remember about himself, each one of these specific objects of the moment and person are apart of being a reflection of our character are by themselves collaborators of moments, of our lives.


Artist: joaquin carreño Ig: Joaquincarre 

Joaquín Carreño by: Gabriela Navarrete

Articulos Objetos_edited.jpg
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