Edición #17

The inescapable lightness of a gentle absurdity

The internet purges all the cultural content of our society in its purest, most addictive form. You read this magazine on the internet that  you probably found out about it right there. Your world of ideas, your hobbies and, your interests are probably influenced by this innocent electronic society. And this internet, which dominates us in so many ways, is mainly composed of two streams of content and perhaps of thought; the idealization of everyday  life and the cultural absurdity of everyday life by itself. It is almost impossible for people to face reality in the raw way it exists, especially now that perhaps we know too much, that information is painful, and that everyday life has lost its charm.

What is everyday life? It's going to school or working every day, it's looking for a partner whenever you don't have one and fixing the relationship when you do have one, it's looking for series or movies to watch at night, and videos or podcasts on our commuting times, it's watching memes while you are looking for what movie you want to see. Hopefully, you will have a hobby or maybe two, perhaps  you work in something that you like, maybe your daily life is not so daily or quotidian. For most people, it is.

Much of the content on social media, and on the internet in general, is about people who yearn to escape their humanity. They show perfect bodies that they effortlessly maintain while living dream lives so regularly that they don't need to be accentuated. They are resplendent demigods among men of clay who look at them with curiosity and attention, or at least that is what contemporary myths tell us. It is obvious that no matter how lucky they are, no one has a perfect life, we all suffer in some way , but it is especially irritating when some people pretend that they are the exceptions.

On the other hand, there are those who speak of their human condition, through the vulnerability that is wrapped in humor and anonymity. The sensation  of sharing experiences with others is fantastic, it is human, it is/uncontainable. The absurd, identifiable, dirty internet is the other facet of the human, the acceptance of unacceptable chaos. I desire  memes, garbage and naked souls to feed my feeling of loneliness and my desire to laugh.

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Lic. Domínguez and his art play between these lines of gentle ideal and authentic absurdity, they have their origin in a more timid era of the internet. It is an art that does not irritate me, it does not only seek beauty and  demonstration of talent; but he doesn't make me laugh out loud either, because he doesn't seem to dare to allow me to. Sometimes art sins of wanting to be beautiful, and not get dirty. Sometimes art sins of wanting to get dirty and stops being human. This art seeks a humanity that is too clean, and for the same reason it comes to feel trivial, it can only be consumed in small quantities.
It's not bad, it's not boring, it's just too light. Light like the corporations that celebrate minorities, light like the social media that congratulates you on your birthday, light like the businesses that call themselves a big family, light like the influencers who say they love you when they don't know you. In this light world of dishonest interests, I need a little more brutal honesty, not necessarily cruel, but more genuine. Maybe this kind of little author's vignettes, these artisan memes, are the tweets and minions of my generation. They are that refined positivity that we need every morning in the same way that we need to drink coffee; in other words, we do not, but it is nice to believe that we do.


artist: Lic. Dominguez ig: @Licenciadodominguez

By: Ernesto Ocaña


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Edición #17

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Lic. Dominguez

 By:     Ernesto Ocaña