Scenic creation on quotidien spaces workshop


In this theoretical-practical intensive workshop, we will share a methodology of exploration, understanding and scenic intervention of space and daily movement. Through this method we propose participants a platform for the creation of stage pieces based on the interaction of space and movement (bodily and material).

We will work some scenic composition strategies through: analysis of quotidien spaces, observation frame and discursive complexity of non conventional scenic spaces; we will approach space intervention with strategies of traditional movements and of course, non traditional. 

We will integrate both the space-kinetic analysis and the intervention strategies through a model of temporal, visual and sound framing defined by the scenic creator.

As an extra in this edition: At the end of the workshop, participants will have developed a basic scenic proposal for its presentation in the weeks after the workshop, during the Sätiros Festival Mexico 2022; with the support of @mudamuseo and @inverosimilrevista.

Directed to

Scenic creators, dancers, actors, performers (in training or with experience), people interested in scenic creation.


Face-to-face mode.

The workshop will take place in Mexico City, Mexico.

5 sessions in total with a duration of 2 hours each.


Facultad de Estudios Superiores Acatlán (FESA), UNAM.


​Google Maps location


Tuesday, September 6th

17 - 20 hrs

Thursday, September 8th

17 - 20 hrs

Saturday, September 10th

17 - 20 hrs


1,000 mexican pesos

50 USD


10 participants



The spectator is the key. Basic experience of the spectator.

We will explore the frame notion and their diverse implications in the scenic creation. It is ESSENTIAL to attend the session with the tracks requested in the initial playlist of the workshop and personal headphones.